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Relevant Information

When it comes to user interfaces, I feel that relevance matters a lot. However, designers often lose track of what is relevant. For instance, in this screenshot from Kune, a collaborative text editing platform based on Apache Wave, there is a roughly 70 pixel banner at the top, above the text input area, that tells me what my name is. It is not the title of the document. The title of the document here is "Document", seen slightly below.

When I am editing text, I do not need a large and constant reminder of what my (user)name is. I need to be able to edit text well, with good tools available to make it easy for me to edit the text. Anything that does not serve this purpose is superfluous and annoying.

I'm on an advisory board for this project, so I feel obligated to be very critical of it, and that's why I chose it for the inaugural post of this new blag of mine, where I will be talking about designing for conviviality.

By "conviviality", I mean it in the sense that Ivan Illich taught us.