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Contact me

GnuPG (PGP) Public Key


E-mail is my preferred method of correspondance. No spam please.

  • smari@smarimccarthy.is

If you want a fast answer, make it clear that there is an action point in the mail – if I receive mail that looks informative but does not require me to take action, I will read it and move on. If I receive mail which requires complex actions, it may be delayed until I have a chance to process it.


Please use e-mail unless it’s urgent.

  • +387 60 33 47 323 (Bosna i Hercegovina; DEFAULT)
  • +44 7473 363763 (UK; Europe)
  • +354 662 2701 (Iceland; Europe, North America)

Instant messaging

  • Tox: 9CA7436D 1DA2E358 85D12F84 75DD3BD4 28D896B2 19DBDF50 4415C3E7 1414FB0E F42F2DC5 0C8F
  • IRC: smari on freenode

Other IM options available upon request.

Postal address

If you need my postal/physical address, please ask for it through other means.