Some publications


I’m terribly bad at keeping track of what stuff relating to me goes out there. A few have bubbled up via Twitter links and e-mails over the last few days though, so here are some links and such, mostly just for posterity:

I was looking for the EDRigram version of my Copyright Combinatorics article (I’m plotting something evil), and came across this German translation. Cool! Don’t know who did the translation, but it looks legit.

The (English language) Dutch magazine published this nice interview with me on the subject of digital fabrication recently. It was fun to be involved in Premsela’s Me Craft / You Industry symposium, and I’m hoping I’ll have more chances to do stuff directly related to industrialization and craft production soon.

A picture I took at the anti-ACTA protests has been featured on Mashable. It’s actually a really good picture, taken on my brand new Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the most ridiculously expensive piece of hardware I’ve ever bought, but quite a delightful little gizmo nevertheless.

Somebody also pointed out this video, which was taken in Málaga last year at the e-STAS conference. Pretty disheveled – when that was recorded I had been awake for about 36 hours, running from a press conference in Málaga to an interview and giving a talk in Madrid and back to Málaga for another conference. I really shouldn’t do that, but my friend Floren is a slave master when he’s organizing events, and wedged the Madrid thing in the middle of the e-STAS itinerary, much to my dismay. I wonder if I dare tell him I’m in Valencia right now?

I also was quoted in this Venezuelan article on el Tiempo about the “example of Iceland”, an article which, if the machine translation is anything to go on, isn’t really very good. It looks like it just mops up statements – conceptions and misconceptions alike – from a couple of years of media. I don’t remember being contacted by el Tiempo for that quote, so it’s probably trawled from somewhere. Oh well.

As a general pointer, over on the IMMI site Jeff Garland has been doing amazing work keeping track of publications relating to IMMI.