Smári’s Slightly Snarky US Election Night Playlist

  • 9: Election Day, Arcadia
  • 8: Right To Vote, Laura Nyro
  • 7: Election, Don Dilego
  • 6: Election Song, Johnny Hobo And The Freight Trains
  • 5: Í Klefanum, Mótettukórinn (translation below)
  • 4: Cast Your Vote, Culture
  • 3: The Parliament of Fools, Skyclad
  • 2: Electioneering, Radiohead
  • 1: Unamerican, Cletus Got Shot

(Linked two. Go find the rest – and read the lyrics! ;))

For the Icelandic song, a quick and inadequate translation:

In the booth

Brave, fallible, hesitant
the cross to give.
Lively, gifted, alert
sages in the booth.

Four walls a rag and bar,
Future of the threat and force.
But we have only three
upright – a velvet curtain.

Brave, fallible, hesitant
have much to give.
Lively, gifted, alert
barbarians in a booth.

Life with ink, text, blood
the herd bets it all.
Depressed county – proud nation
listens afraid of provisional data.

Brave, fallible, hesitant
have everything to give.
Valiant, brave, alert
the future in a booth.