Slow Friday

Booster shot today. Worried it might screw up my next day. Round 2 took me out for a bit. We’ll see.

Not a lot of code today, but lots of planning work and meetings. Slowly converging on infrastructure and nailing a bunch of details. Whee.

I’m going to say that I won’t bore you with the details, mostly because I can’t be bothered to write them out. But honestly, the details were fun, and you’re missing out. Oh well.

Oh yeah, I submitted a deck to Gulleggið this evening. That might be worth something.

Mad Abel (and Hatters)

Was talking to Tomasino about board games last night, and was reminded of a card game I made up 16 years ago, Mad Abel. It is a silly game that pains the brain to play, but it’s fun. Anyway, some wonderful people still have a copy of it online, which is good because I’ve long since lost the LaTeX sources.

This stroll down memory lane reminded me of my old domain, which was mostly just a portal for a bunch of people and projects. On a whim, I bought the domain back. Cost slightly more than a beer, and it’s not like I’m getting out much these days. Not sure what to do with it this time though. I found my old splash page (also since 2006!) and set it up for now. Nostalgia, yay.

On a side-note, this all reminded me of a TV series from that era, ReGenesis, which I recall being a pretty solid take on biotech, disease risk, climate change, and so on – a nice thing in which scientists are the heroes. Will probably try to rewatch it sometime soon.