Busy little Hobgoblins


Emerson wrote that a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. Arguably, a complete lack of consistency is another hobgoblin, a Puck by whom I am mischievously harassed, at least insofar as this weblog is concerned.

Since last post, I’ve been working hard, but also getting in some play. I went with my siblings to California for a bit, and got some time in Vestmannaeyjar and Spain and what not. I also had an abortive attempt to visit Gambia – long story, but I’ll try to pick up that trip another time.

My company is going pretty good, all things considered. I have a summer staffer working through Nýsköpunarsjóður Námsmanna on some interesting data format stuff that I’d never have gotten to otherwise, and we’ve got a grant for a deep-dive into Agrophotovoltaics, which is a little bit off topic for our core strategy but it ties together a couple of elements of the project in a nice way. Aside from that I’m mostly just focused on the core product, which I’m still hoping to launch by end of summer, which is not a bad timing for it – launching anything in the middle of summer is never going to work.

This is fine. It gives a bit of time to polish and hopefully nail a few things better. Also hopefully to fundraise a bit, but we’ll see how that goes.

Until then, I shall avoid the love-in-idleness and attempt to quell efforts by that shrewd and knavish Puck who wishes for me to not write anything other than code. Although, to be fair, that’s not a terrible idea.