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Not all talks are included here. Talks are presented here in reverse chronological order. If you have videos, audio recordings, or anything of that kind of these talks please contact me.


Göteborg, Sweden, November 2009.

My talk at FSCONS 2009 was titled “Building Societies: Lessons Learned from the Internet”. It was in many ways a anthological montage of many of the things that are fuelling the current revolution of mind, touching on topics as far ranging as post-scarcity economics, structural mechanics of social organization, digital fabrication, and constructive solid geometry.

Some of the material presented near the end was a rehash of the talk I gave in Manchester the week before.


Media Ecologies and Post-Industrial Production

Manchester, England, November 2009.

I gave a short overview of the Tangible Bit project, it’s origins and motivation, current developments and future prospects.


TEDx Reykjavík 2009

Reykjavík, Iceland, October 2009. [Presented in Icelandic]

I gave a short presentation on the failures of the current industrial model and the resulting industrial divide, suggesting alternative ways to organize the mode of production.

Technical difficulties with the projector caused many of the pictures to be missing from the talk, and as a result the end of the talk was slightly anti-climatic. Oh, well.


Talkagram. [Notes I wrote when preparing the talk]

Fab Lab kynning í Vík í Mýrdal

Vík í Mýrdal, Iceland, April 2009. [Presented in Icelandic]

Short introduction to the Fab Lab project for 14-16 year olds at the Grunnskóli Mýrdalshrepps school in Vík í Mýrdal.

Oekonux 2009

Manchester, England, April 2009.

Talk based on my essay The End of (artificial) Scarcity. Discussed P2P organizational structures, direct democracy, alternative currency schemes.


Indymedia summary.

Recording download (MP3, 56 MB).

This talk was syndicated on several American radio stations during the summer of 2009.


Given at various times to various groups during 2009.

Slides (Icelandic).

Slides (English).

Hádegisfundur Skýrslutæknifélagsins um beint lýðræði

Reykjavík, Iceland, March 2009. [Presented in Icelandic]

I presented some fairly extreme ideas about P2P participatory governance models within the context of direct democracy, as part of a lunch meeting. Other people related to the Shadow Parliament Project such as Róbert Viðar Bjarnason, Gunnar Grímsson, Daði Ingólfsson also presented at this meeting, each focusing on a different aspect of the project.

Interestingly, many ideas shared during this meeting made it in verbatim into the campaign material for Lýðræðishreyfingin. I’d like to think that their poor results in the elections were due to the charisma (or lack thereof) of the candidates rather than the validity of the ideas.



I gave two talks at FSCONS 2008. The keynote was presented more or less off the cuff, as an enthusiastic rant about how the digital freedoms movement needs to focus on other social constructs, such as democracy itself.

The other talk was “Digital Fabrication and Social Change”.

Both talks formed the basis for my essay The End of (artificial) Scarcity.

[6]: http://smari.tangiblebit.com/talks/2009/04oekonux/The End of (artificial) Scarcity.odp