· Cocktails Drinks allows you to say what you’ve got, and get back a list of what you can make or what you need to get. Pretty useful for nights such as these!


· English · War Analysis Image processing Backronyms

Arcade is a cool project that examines satellite imagery for signs of artillery bombardment, calculates the location of artillery craters, the inbound trajectory of projectiles to aid identification of their possible origins of fire.

Source code is available under BSD license. It has a clever Backronym. Hat tip to Tom Longley for letting me know about this.


· Physics Gravity

SpinCalc is pretty useful if you care about generating artificial gravitation by way of centrifugal force. It even has nice indicators to inform you about whether you’d become sick or not.

Hugo syntax highlighting

· Hugo

Hugo’s syntax highlighting method is annoying. Instead of using the Markdown pretty-much-standard method:


You have to use weird template shortcodes:

{ {< highlight language >}}
{ {< /highlight >}}

(With fewer spaces – can’t figure out how to escape shortcodes either!)

Perhaps this can be changed…

Setting post language using franc and frontmatter

· English · Programming Bash

This was handy:

for a in *.md; do
    lang=$(cat $a | franc);
    if [ "$lang" = "eng" ]; then
        frontmatter set $a language en
        frontmatter set $a language is